artist statement 

Coming from a linguistic background I had an early fascination with semiotics and visual communication which culminated in a thesis on the neurobiological foundations of aesthetic perception.

Ever since my work explores sign systems of all nature and the type of information they encode in order to find solutions to the question of how meaning is constructed in nature, art and society. The triplets are an attempt to define the smallest unit of nontrivial visual narrative. Hence the reference to the DNA base triplets.

I am interested in analogies of objects, structures and processes representing power relations such as dominance, coexistence or displacement.

I work in and inbetween the scopes of installation, mixed media, photography, print and artist book and I like to create groups of works which often include more than one of them. The initial forming of a specific question concerning either form or subject usually determines the medium I start with. 

In search of patterns I tend to work with prints to establish the interplay of different elements and materials. In  separating detail from its usual context and connotation digital photography outperforms human perception. The artist book is the most complex and conceptual medium which allows to evoke meaning simultaneously on many different levels.